Monday, December 22, 2008

PH - Innovation Takes Root

At first this looks like the basic PH black key with a convention imprint. It turns out that the Innovation Takes Root conference held in September was to discuss bioplastics. Bioplastics do not use fossil fuel sources such as petroleum. This card is made with Ingeo natural plastic. This key was certainly an interesting find.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Flamingo Total Rewards Donny & Marie Room Key

After noticing one of these Total Rewards Gold Donny & Marie room keys (yep, room keys, read on) - slot club cards on eBay earlier this evening, I thought I'd post the story of how I added one of these to my collection during my trip to Las Vegas in November.

During a typical trip to the hotel registration counter at the Flamingo, I asked for some room keys and was given one of these in addition to the "usual" Flamingo Donny & Marie key (and an older key as well). The guy at the desk said they were using these slot cards as room keys. Naturally, I headed directly to the Total Rewards desk for more info. and hopefully more cards.

A very helpful employee at the Total Rewards desk said that not only was he unable to give me any of the TR Gold Donny & Marie cards, they didn't have any at the TR counter and he wasn't sure they were ever going to get them. He went on to explain that when guests checked in at the hotel, they were given the gold TR card and it was swiped into the system as a room key. They were then told to take it over to the TR desk to have it set up for use as a slot card as well.

Naturally any of this is subject to change without notice as is typcial with just about anything at any of the casinos :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

PH - Keith Barry Variations

Be on the lookout (I've always wanted to say that - guess I've watched too many police dramas on TV) for two different variations of the Keith Barry Hypnomagician key from Planet Hollywood. While there are some slight variations on the front, you can easily see the difference on the back.

It's always fun to find this kind of difference. At first glance you're sure you already have the key...and then you're saying to yourself "wait a second...I don't."

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